About us

Dr Jon Harrop MA MSci PhD (Cantab) managing director and cofounder, worked as a graphic design artist and computer programmer in industry from 1992 before earning four degrees in the physical sciences from the University of Cambridge. Jon is the primary author of The F#.NET Journal articles (2007-2010) and books such as OCaml for Scientists (2005), F# for Scientists (2007), Visual F# 2010 for Technical Computing (2009) and the forthcoming Multicore .NET as well as a coauthor of New Intelligent Printing Techniques (1995), Smart Cards in Transport (1997), The Future of Chipless Smart Labels (2002) and dozens of other books.

Emma Harrop MA VetMB (Cantab) CFO and cofounder, earned three degrees in the biological sciences from the University of Cambridge before founding two companies in industry and writing Smart Tagging and Smart Packaging in Healthcare (2004). Emma is responsible for our sales and marketing as well as finance.